i'm in hongkong

journal 2012.06.27 23:04

i'm at the airport in honkong for transfer.
i have to stay in here about 3 hours.

it was a perfect healing camp, my stay in austrailia.
thanks to melody, yoony and others.
i could have a great time without any problem.

as i was soooooo tired in these days in korea,
i absolutely needed a time to take a rest.
austrailia, even with the f* freezing rainy weather, was a great place to do that.

while i was in melbourne, it was very windy, cold, rainy,
so we moved to brisbane, a city where i can find a shiny sunny weather,
however, it was very cloudy and rainy too since my arrival.
now, i'm going back home and i was informed that it will start to rain this weekend.
where is my sun, dear?


thanks to my daddy who made this trip possible.
i'll stay as long as possible at new company to pay back lol

i have to go now because this free internet services zone is open to all,
which means that everyone behind me could see what i'm doing now :-X
it's not comportable at all.
i'm about to find that i'm not a person who can stay 3 hours in front of computer without any particular things to do.

it's 10 p.m. in here,
my flight is at 1 a.m.

what an exciting end of the travel!

see ya all in seoul.

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